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In December 1984, starting as a small frame factory, we started our business at Long Beach City.

With the fast growing of the business, we move to near LA area (4901 Patata St. #410-#411 Cudahy City), and have been keeping the business at the same place for 25 years.

We have had our business with Price Club (now called COSTCO), Wall mart, and many other furniture shops and hotels.  In particular, one of our great products was “South West Paintings (ADOBE 3D)” which was sold to Arizona Area more than 200,000 pieces. There people can find easily the pictures in many Arizona homes.

We used to produce a lot of “canvas on hand painted” pictures until early 2,000s, and now make big frames with painting and pictures.

In our stock, we have more than 7,000 pieces of paintings and lots of moldings. We have more than 25 years of experience and know-how to create and produce pictures, paintings, and mirrors in very competitive price which our customers are really satisfied with.

We strongly believe that we will have great and highly satisfied business with our future customers like you.


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Mom’s art

CEO Gregory Chon


Beside My Art Frames, I am Kenshi(Kendoist)

My Kumdo Dojo

My Kumdo Dojo.

Beside work, I also have been practiced Kumdo(The Art of Sword) for 25 years.

As a Master of Kenshi(6 Dan yonsa) and Instructor, I promise that I will have sincere and faithful business with my customers